Mobile Car Valeting

Mobile Car Valeting
  • Fully mobile car valeting service
  • 20 years car valeting experience
  • We use only the best professional car valeting equipment & cleaning products
  • Specialist mobile valeting service which will protect your car and leave it looking better for longer

Quality valeting to protect your car and a convenient service to save you time! Car washing can be a time consuming task, and getting a long lasting high quality finish can be a challenge.

With a range of options priced from £45, Lomax mobile car valeting can visit you and apply our years of experience and specialist car valeting skills and equipment to ensure a long lasting and high quality finish.

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Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing
  • Fully mobile car detailing service
  • 20 years car detailing experience
  • Range of services including additional bespoke detailing options and custom work
  • New car protection, car paint protection and restoration available

Professional car detailing is a highly skilled process intended to return your car to near showroom condition. Using a range of specialist skills and materials we can produce excellent results. Options are available from £180.

Paint correction repairs damaged and worn car paintwork, such as that caused by poor quality car washing. If your car is new, our new car protection service will protect it and keep it looking better for longer!

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Stonechip Repair

Stonechip repair

Our car stonechip and light scratch repair service quickly repairs damage - and it's much cheaper and more convenient than a respray!

Lease Car Valeting

Lease car valeting

If you are returning a lease car, save yourself from paying extra fees by having it fully valeted and repairing damage before it is returned

Interior Valeting

Interior valeting

Damage, staining and buildup of dirt may leave your car interior looking soiled. Refresh your car interior with our interior deep clean valet

Caravan Valeting

Paint restoration

Valeting a caravan or motorhome is an essential but difficult job. See our specialist caravan valeting website for options

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  •  Open 7 Days - 9am-6pm
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Lomax Car Valeting & detailing operates within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas

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Lomax Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing

Lomax Car Valeting and Detailing offer a fully mobile car valeting service provided at your choice of time and location, no more queueing up at the car wash, just give us a call, we are available 7 days a week 9am to 6pm.

Many of us spend a great deal of time in our vehicles, commuting to work, running the kids to school, providing mum or dad’s taxi service! So, it’s good to have a regular valet to make your in-car environment clean and hygienic and a nicer place for you and your family to be in.

It is wise to maintain the exterior finish of your car by regular washing and polishing – this protects against damage. At least twice a year the paintwork should be polished, wheels and wheels arches should be cleaned to remove mud from the arches, and alloys should be cleaned to preserve their finish.

Our self-contained mobile car valeting van is fully equipped to provide a range of car valeting and detailing services, we carry an onboard power generator and stocks of purified water so we can valet or detail your car in any location - whether at home or at work or even in the middle of a field we can valet your vehicle to the highest standard.

Our van is stocked with a range of specialist products from companies such as Autoglym and Meguiar's, and with tools such as hot carpet extraction vacuums for deep cleaning, ozone generator to remove odours, machine polishing tools, grit guard buckets, plush towels, pH shampoos and cleaners. In short, we carry all the tools needed for the best quality valeting.

And if your car paintwork has any chips we can quickly, easily and cheaply repair them with the Dr Colourchip repair system that makes chips and scratches disappear!

All work of our car valeting and detailing is carried out by a technician professionally trained by Autoglym™ with literally decades of experience of valeting. We have cleaned and valeted a huge range of vehicles, from family cars, supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, caravans, motorhomes, motorbikes, even agricultural equipment at shows at the NEC Birmingham!

The Dangers of Cheap Car Washes

It is tempting to just use the cheap drive through car washes, but it is true that you get what you pay for! Workers at such places usually have little training and may be working with inadequate and cheap tools and cleaning products. At best, this means that you will get a substandard and short-lasting finish to your car, at worst careless cleaning can result in car paintwork damage – each year we spend many hours machine polishing the damage caused by poor car valeting.

If you have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a car, does it really make sense to place your trust in a poorly trained, poorly equipped car cleaner? Yes, we do cost more but our work is far superior, and our priority is to complete the job to the highest standard.

A Lasting Finish

All car valeting & detailing work is performed with a de-ionised water system to leave a streak free finish. We use a range of professional car valeting and detailing products by Autoglym and Meguiar's, and fine carnauba waxes which both clean and actively repel water and resist dirt and contaminants.

Our work ensures that not only are cars cleaned, but they also have lasting protection from the wear and damage of daily use and environmental damage, keeping car paintwork in optimal condition for longer than with the conventional car valeting techniques offered by cheap drive-in car washes or which can be achieved by domestic car cleaning products.

Our mobile car valeting and detailing vehicle can visit you at your convenience and choice of location within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas.

Previous Work

Just a small selection of the many cars we've worked on

Fast and Cheap Repairs For Car Paintwork Damage

Dr Colourchip - Trained and Certified

Lomax mobile car valeting and detailing is trained and certified in the use of the Dr Colourchip Car Paint Repair System - an industry leading process to quickly and cheaply repair stone chips and scratches.

Our car detailing services offer an excellent way to revitalise damaged car paintwork. All our services include at least one stage of machine polishing and this can often remove light scratches and damage. See our mobile car detailing services page for more information.

For more serious defects we use the Dr Colourchip system. This utilises specialist paint which is closely matched to your car's paintwork to effectively make scratches and chips disappear. The before and after photos show how effective this system can be.

This system can be a far more cost effective solution than respraying. Even a small individual panel respray can cost more than £200, and our service can be performed for as little as £30. In addition it is quick and convenient as our mobile service visits you at the time and place of your choosing.

This service can help repair :

  •   Stone Chips
  •   Vandal Scratches
  •   Rusted Chipped Parts
  •   Door Mirrors
  •   Accidental damage
  •   Lease Cars - save money when returning lease cars by ensuring the bodywork looks as good as possible
  •   Light scratches
  •   Deep Scratches - Marks that are down to the metal will usually hold some paint, as there is some flexibility its condition can be improved
  •   Wide scratches and Large Defects

Prices for this service vary depending on the nature and extent of the damage so please call us for a quote, prices start from £30. Read more about our Car Paintwork Stone Chip & Scratch Repair services

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Fully mobile service • Available 7 days a week 9am - 6pm

Lomax Car Valeting & detailing operates within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas.

Car Valeting Job of The Month - Autumn Special Offer

Full Executive Car Valet + FREE extra protective coating

As the days grow short and Autumn moves into Winter we can expect the weather to decline, and with the greater cold and wet it gets more difficult to keep your car clean and protected. But it is especially important at this time of the year to keep your car valeted, as during the colder months there is a greater chance of wear and tear damaging your car paintwork. Our Full Executive Valet will bring your vehicle up to an excellent standard and offer lasting protection. In addition you may wish to consider regular monthly maintenance washes with the Standard valet which will maintain the finish.

For a limited time and at no additional charge we are supplementing the Full Executive Valet service with an additional measure to provide further winter protection. This includes the application of a super-hydrophobic nanotechnology based paintwork coating which protects by actively repelling dirt and moisture.

The Full Executive Car Valeting Process :

To begin with, we degrease the lower paintwork and remove tar accumulation from the car exterior by pre-treating with a citrus degreaser, this loosens the dirt and grime in preparation for a full wash. The car is then given a full complete wash all over, including the door shuts, filler cap, wheels (fronts only) and wheel arches. Every inch is cleaned with purified water using special pH balanced car shampoo, and then thoroughly hand dried with micro-fibre towels.

To remove any light surface marks that remain the car is then hand polished. It is now superbly clean and as smooth as glass! To protect and sustain this finish now we apply the special free of charge winter coating, this seals in the car paintwork providing protection from daily wear and tear.

To complete the car exterior the tyres and mouldings are dressed, the glass and windscreen wipers are cleaned, and the screenwash is topped up.

Moving on into the car interior, the entire space is thoroughly vacuumed throughout, this includes in the boot, footwells and spare wheel bay. Using fine brushes all air vents, switches, gauges and other hard to reach areas are cleaned out.

A specialist disinfecting cleaner is used to sanitise all plastics, foot pedals, seat belts, headlinings and surfaces. This is performed using Autoglym's anti-bacterial multi-surface sanitiser which kills 99.99% of bacteria and effectively destroys harmful micro-organisms including viruses. These cleaners are the same quality as those used in the food industry so they are required to perform to a very high standard and they are bio products which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

The carpets, upholstery, mats and boot are then deep cleaned with our hot carpet extractor. This is a very intensive clean that draws dirt out and may also serve to remove any lingering odours (if you have concerns in this area ask for our optional extra ozone machine treatment - the best way to remove lingering smells). The heat generated by the machine also serves to destroy any harmful micro-organisms.

To complete the interior, any leather is treated with a moisturising balm, the glass is cleaned, and an air freshener is added.

This work takes a minimum of two hours. This service provides a good foundation of lasting protection for your vehicle, but if you wish to keep your vehicle in the best condition through the colder months you may consider a regular scheduling of our Standard Valet - this includes a full clean of your car interior and exterior and serves to maintain the finish.

Our intensive deep cleaning techniques and disinfecting cleaners effectively remove the dirt and grime you can see, and with our specialist tools and cleaning products we can also get rid of the harder to spot microscopic contaminants and organisms you can't see. After a deep clean by Lomax Car Valeting & Detailing your car is guaranteed to be safer and more hygienic.

See our full range of mobile car valeting services

See our full range of mobile car detailing services

07960 665 118

Fully mobile service • Available 7 days a week 9am - 6pm

Lomax Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing vehicle can visit you at your convenience and choice of location within a 20 mile radius of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas

The Full Executive Valet Includes :


  •   Remove exterior tar accumulation and degrease lower paintwork
  •   Complete wash - door shuts, filler cap, wheels (fronts only) and wheel arches, then towel dry
  •   Polish vehicle by hand to remove light surface marks and then apply a coat of wax to seal paint work
  •   Dress tyres and mouldings
  •   Clean glass
  •   Clean windscreen wiper blades
  •   Fill screenwash


  •   All interior cleaning is performed using Autoglym's anti-bacterial multi-surface sanitiser which kills 99.99% of bacteria and effectively destroys harmful micro-organisms. This product works by targeting those high hand contact areas in your vehicle such as the steering wheel, gear knob, sat nav, indicator stalks and door handles.
  •   Vacuum entire interior, including boot, foot wells and spare wheel bay at rear
  •   Clean and protect all plastics, foot pedals, seat belts and headlinings
  •   Brush out air vents, switches, gauges and other hard to reach areas
  •   Shampoo upholstery, carpets, mats and boot - this is performed with a specialist hot carpet extractor for intensive deep cleaning, using a Bio cleaner from Autoglym
  •   Clean all leather with a moisturising leather balm to leave it soft and supple and with a natural finish
  •   Clean glass
  •   Air freshener included

Car : £82 ● Estate : £85 ● SUV : £98 ● MPV or 4x4 : POA

For other optional extras and services see our mobile car detailing services