Mobile Car Valeting

Mobile Car Valeting
  • Fully mobile service
  • 20 years experience
  • We use only the best professional car valeting equipment & cleaning products
  • Our valeting service will protect your car and leave it looking better for longer

Quality Valeting to Protect Your Car and a Convenient Service to Save You Time! Car washing can be a time consuming task, and getting a long lasting high quality finish can be a challenge.

With a range of options priced from £50, Lomax valeting can visit you and apply our years of experience and specialist skills to ensure a high quality finish.

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Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing
  • Fully mobile service
  • 20 years experience
  • Range of services including additional bespoke options and custom work
  • New car protection, paint protection and restoration available

Professional car detailing is a highly skilled process intended to return your car to near showroom condition. Using a range of specialist skills and materials we can produce the best result. Options are available from £180.

Paint correction repairs damaged and worn car paintwork, such as that caused by poor quality car washing.

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Stonechip Repair

Stonechip repair

Our stonechip and light scratch repair service can quickly repair damage - and it's cheaper and more convenient than a respray!

Lease Car Valeting

Lease car valeting

Need to return a lease car? Save yourself from paying fees by having it fully valeted and getting damage repaired before return

Interior Valeting

Interior valeting

Spills, stains and damage may leave car interiors looking soiled. Refresh the interior of your car with our interior deep clean valet

Caravan Valeting

Paint restoration

Valeting your caravan or motorhome is a big job, especially if it's been stored outside, visit our specialist website for valeting options

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  •  Open 7 Days - 9am-6pm
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Lomax Car Valeting & detailing operates within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas

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Lomax Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing

Lomax Car Valeting and Detailing offer a convenient fully mobile service provided at your choice of time and location.

Our self-contained mobile car valeting vehicle is stocked with all the professional car valeting and detailing products and cleaning equipment necessary to achieve a high quality and lasting finish. All work is completed by an Autoglym trained technician.

Our mobile car valeting and detailing vehicle can visit you at your convenience and choice of location within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas.

A Lasting Finish

All car valeting & detailing work is performed with a de-ionised water system to leave a streak free finish. We use a range of professional car valeting products by Autoglym and Meguiar's, and fine carnauba waxes which both clean and actively repel water and resist dirt and contaminants.

This offers lasting protection from the wear and damage of daily use, keeping car paintwork in optimal condition for longer than with the conventional car valeting techniques offered by cheap drive in car washes or which can be achieved by domestic car cleaning products.

Why Cheap Car Valeting and Detailing Isn't Cheap!

It is of course true that you get what you pay for, and what you are paying for at cheap drive in car washes is poor technique and training, inadequate equipment and a lack of attention to detail. This often results in paintwork damage which only intensive detailing and lengthy professional machine polishing can repair.

If you have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a car does it really make sense to entrust its care to untrained and poorly equipped valeters? Our high quality car valeting will clean and protect your car and keep it looking in optimal condition for longer.

Previous Work

Just a small selection of the many cars we've worked on

Job of The Month

Car : Nissan 370z Nismo
Service : New Car Detail + Nano Coating
Location : Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

This month Lomax Car Valeting & Detailing was in Peterborough detailing this awesome 344 BHP V6 Nissan 370z Nismo.

The owner chose the new car detail - a thorough service which gets the best out of car paintwork and offers lasting protection. To finish, we applied a nano coating to seal the paintwork.

The New Car Detailing Process :

To begin the detailing, the car was snow foamed to prepare it for a intensive wash (including the wheels and wheel arches), this loosens the dirt, and a degreaser helps to release oily deposits. The car was rinsed down with purified water and washed throughout (including the engine bay and door shuts) with professional pH balanced car shampoo, using specialist grit guard buckets and a microfibre wash mit.

Grit guard buckets are an important tool which prevents dirt and grit being put back onto car paintwork - a common flaw in cheap car valeting which results in characteristic light scratches, causing swirl marks which dulls car paintwork.

The car was then rinsed down again with purified water and hand dried with a plush microfibre towel. The paintwork was then clay barred to remove bonded contaminants. The car was then washed yet again, and hand dried. The paintwork was now prepared for machine polishing.

Once sensitive areas were protected with tape, two stages of machine polishing was performed. This highly skilled operation removes light scratches, swirl marks and other car paintwork damage. The car was then washed again and hand dried.

The paintwork was then glazed to conceal any defects which the machine polishing was unable to remove, and to enhance the shine. Finally the car paintwork was further enhanced and protected with the application of Autoglym™ HD wax.

To provide additional protection a nano car paintwork coating was applied. This nano technology based paint treatment sets as hard as glass and has superb water repelling properties causing dirt and water to simply slide off the paintwork. It also offers protection from UV light damage and with proper maintenance can last up to 2 years!

Once the exterior was complete the entire car interior was vacuumed, including the boot and spare wheel bay. All plastics and interior fittings were cleaning using a specialist disinfecting clearner.

Scotchguard fabric protectant was applied to all upholstery, mats and seats. And the interior was deodourised with an ozone generator.

Once all steps were complete, the glass was cleaned and an air freshener was added and the car was cleaned and protected for months to come.

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Fully mobile service • Available 7 days a week 9am - 6pm

Lomax Car Valeting & detailing operates within 20 miles of Bourne (PE10 9AQ), Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping, Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire areas.

New Car Detail

The Full Process

  •   Car snow foamed
  •   Clean alloys and wheel arches
  •   Spray lower paintwork with citrus degreaser
  •   Rinse down
  •   Wash with ph shampoo using grit guard buckets and a microfibre wash mitt
  •   Clay bar paintwork
  •   Rewash and dry with plush towels
  •   Tape up sensitive areas
  •   Perform two stages of machine polishing to remove surface scratches
  •   Repeat the wash and towel dry
  •   Apply nano coating (alternatively, sealant and wax is also available on request)
  •   Dress tyres


  •   Vacuum throughout
  •   Clean plastic
  •   Clean glass
  •   Clean and condition leather
  •   Scotchguard fabric protectant applied to carpets, mats and seats
  •   Deodourisation and sanitisation of the interior with our ozone generator